Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trip Update

My previous post made it sound like I was in a pretty dire straights. I must admit being married for five years has changed me in a way that I found rather surprising. My wife is due back this Saturday and I'm finding myself all a-twitter over the prospect.

The trip is going well thusfar. They're on the last leg and are currently touring Paris (France, not Texas). They head back to London Thursday and fly out of London Saturday morning, stop in Atlanta, then head home.

I'll post once she arrives and I've had time to assimilate all that has transpired. I realize three weeks is a relatively short time to many, but I'm realizing the subtleties that define a house versus a home.

Yes guys, I'm whipped. Deal with it.

But then if you saw my wife, you'd do the same thing.


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