Monday, June 12, 2006

And There She Goes . . .

Tomorrow Mrs. Geek, my mom, my mother in law, and my sister in law head off for a three week jaunt in the United Kingdom. They're actually going to Scotland for a close friend's wedding and are going to take in Paris, London, Warrick, and who knows what else while they're over there the remainder of the month. It also entails me playing bachelor for a month. I'm under threats to keep the house clean, and to text my wife's cell phone with the results of the NBA playoffs. She's packend no less than three times, and now a fourth time is in order as there is an apparent heatwave underway across the pond.

My wife is no stranger to England as she spent eight weeks over there when she was in college. She will be driving over there for the first time, so here's hoping.

I'll post trip updates as they become available.

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edieraye said...

How exciting! I'm sure they will have a wonderful time.

And wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to catch up on all those movies at the Angelika you've been wanting to see? With an old friend or two? Hint. Hint.