Wednesday, June 14, 2006


They left yesterday and arrvied in London in fine fashion. Oddly enough, I can SMS message my wife with no problem, a pretty fantastic feat considering that travel time is almost instantaneous. When I try to call her directly though, it's another matter. Here's hoping the cell phone company gets it figured out.

The Mavs faltered a little last night. It was a good game nonetheless. Shaq made his two free throws, Dirk missed on of his. Now that the initial shock is over, the remaining games should be a ride.

Only two more games is all we need!


edieraye said...

Are you bored yet? I've got a LONG list of movies I want to see.

AVGeek said...

Sorry, had to check with my calendar handler, who is overseas. ;-)

Drop me a line. Tomorrow night is bad, but Tues or Wed could work. Thur and Fri are bad, but Sat might work.