Wednesday, June 07, 2006

5th Aniversary: Day One

Sorry for the dearth in postings lately (especially to edieray).

Summer has started and Mrs. Geek and I arrived in Austin, TX today for a short, but much needed, vacation. We’re celebrating five years this Friday and we came back to where it all started, or at least Amy’s half did.

When we first started dating, it was a long distance relationship. She lived in Austin and I in the Dallas area (DeSoto to be exact). We try to hit Austin every few years to retrace some old steps and take in the general vibe of the city. Austin has a very unique feel to it, and as some would say the waters here are good.

We left this morning and thankfully had no real timeline set. After a few last minute errands, we were on the road and immediately immersed ourselves in a game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I decided to get esoteric on it and started throwing out some older silver and silent screen movie stars. In case you’re wondering, we did go from Buster Keaton to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. No real luck with Barbara Stanwyck, but I’ll fire up IMDB for that one.

We arrived at the Econo Lodge in Austin a little after 3PM. Its humble and in a somewhat twitchy part of town, but our ultimate destination is San Antonio where we’ll take in the River Walk and some wonderful Mexican food. I figured we could add to our fun by heading down a day early, ergo the layover in Austin. A few things worth noting:

The place we’re staying in now is off the beaten path, nice, and very cheap. I’ve got free Internet and was stunned that the front desk actually knew what a WEP key was. Internet is one thing that I found striking here: Mangia Pizza AND the movie theatre we went to tonight had Internet as I discovered on my PDA. Very cool.

This trip was also my first real foray into using GPS technology for navigation. A few months back I purchased a used Ipaq from a friend and a Bluetooth GPS receiver off of Ebay. Some software and some twiddling later (thanks to Steve for the twiddling), and I now have every man’s dream: something that tells him where to go that does not possess two X chromosomes. It’s still a little buggy sometimes, but here’s hoping my luck with it continues.

We had some wonderful pizza at Mangia Pizza, then to the hotel, then to 6th street for a short shopping trip, then to the Alamo theatre which is one of those places that shows movies and serves food. We saw X-Men (stay through the credits, trust me on this one), and headed back to the hotel. Yes, there are movie establishments like this in the Dallas area, but the ones in Dallas do not show X-Men cartoons and homemade movies beforehand, and do NOT make threats of bodily harm to those who make too much noise in the theatre. This place did. Only in Austin.

I’ll try and check back in tomorrow with yet another update.


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edieraye said...

Five years! Wow, how time flies.

We went down to Austin for Memorial Day. I've been working on the pictures. Picked up some way cool boots at one of the vintage stores on Lamar. It was a fun time. Unfortunately all of the Alamo's were sold out while we were there and had to see X-Men in a regular theater. Can't believe how many people didn't sit through the credits!

Have a safe trip!