Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Still Here

It's been two months (and a little change) since my last post and to the throngs of fans out there I humbly apologize. I've started my residency at UNT in addition to teaching and working full time, so my downtime is pretty much nil. I am writing, and will try to post some of this stuff over at my other blog, but in the meantime posts here will be a tad infrequent.

I do want to brag about one thing I have been able to do recently that I'm rather proud of. I tried to declutter and simplify some things this year, (and a near hard drive crash can assist with that task, trust me) and I have been able to take control over my myriad of email accounts and render them all to a backup as well. I keep two basic email addys: one for personal and one for academic use. My gmail account is my academic email but the address is a little nonprofessional for my resume/vita. I do have a nice address at school which is short and easy to remember. I was able to have that address forwarded to my account and since gmail now uses IMAP, all my email stays on the server. This means my email is available through Thunderbird wherever I am. I also was able to do the same thing to my ISP email and forward it to my non-academic email account which also boasts IMAP access. Four addresses and only two accounts to check.

Cool, eh!