Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hope for the Holidays

Got through Thanksgiving with my dignity intact and no trips by me or my family to the drug store or emergency room.  I discovered a few things along the way, however:
  • Gas stoves put out a LOT of heat.

  • It’s a little scary making something that you normally wouldn’t eat yourself.

  • A grill makes a fine heat source for warming something.

  • An electric blanket is wonderful for making bread rise in a timely fashion.

  • There really is no line between breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thanksgiving.

  • I can make a WONDERFUL caramel apple pie.

  • I wish I had two stomachs. I hate cooking all this and not being able to try all of it.

Thanksgiving is still an underrated holiday in my book, with Halloween following a close second.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things that I think are cool:

Free software that’s actually good enough to pay for: Picasa, CutePDF, Tsunami Mpeg Encoder are some that come to mind.

Cast Iron Skillets


Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoons

Triathlons and the fact that my wife runs in them

My wife. She’s attractive, smart, and can think like a guy – the triple threat.


Dad’s cornbread dressing

Mom’s chocolate sheet cake

Walt Disney World in general, especially the Gertie the Dinosaur Ice Cream stand at Disney MGM


A Short Self Interview

So what is this blog for, and why the name?

Until I think of something cooler, I'll stick with this. Lots of good connotations with it. I had another idea but it was a little too weird.

This blog is set up for a few reasons:

To let me play with the interface so I can see how adaptable it is to areas of interest to me.

To let me vent about things that are on my mind and to get them out in the open – ergo the name.

Just who am I?

I’m late 30’s (I’m being vague so I don’t have to update this part that often), married, no kids. I’m head of the AV department at a local university, and am a Ph.D. student at another university in the area. Areas of research interest are: online education, assistive/adaptive technologies, and communication theory. Areas of interest are movies, naps, cooking, and bright shiny things.

Who are your heroes?

John Glenn, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Moe Howard, Buster Keaton, Walt Disney, and Alton Brown.
Read in to this whatver you like. It's a free country.