Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hope for the Holidays

Got through Thanksgiving with my dignity intact and no trips by me or my family to the drug store or emergency room.  I discovered a few things along the way, however:
  • Gas stoves put out a LOT of heat.

  • It’s a little scary making something that you normally wouldn’t eat yourself.

  • A grill makes a fine heat source for warming something.

  • An electric blanket is wonderful for making bread rise in a timely fashion.

  • There really is no line between breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thanksgiving.

  • I can make a WONDERFUL caramel apple pie.

  • I wish I had two stomachs. I hate cooking all this and not being able to try all of it.

Thanksgiving is still an underrated holiday in my book, with Halloween following a close second.



Ensign Eddie said...

I guess since you posted this three times you must really be hopeful! :-)

Glad you guys had a good holiday. Wednesday night was blast.

AVGeek said...

We'll definitely do it again!