Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things that I think are cool:

Free software that’s actually good enough to pay for: Picasa, CutePDF, Tsunami Mpeg Encoder are some that come to mind.

Cast Iron Skillets


Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoons

Triathlons and the fact that my wife runs in them

My wife. She’s attractive, smart, and can think like a guy – the triple threat.


Dad’s cornbread dressing

Mom’s chocolate sheet cake

Walt Disney World in general, especially the Gertie the Dinosaur Ice Cream stand at Disney MGM



edieraye said...

Me! You forgot to mention me. I'm pretty cool, too. Even if I am the only one that thinks so :)

AVGeek said...

You always will be cool in my book, edieraye! You gave me the push I needed at a critical moment!

Ensign Eddie said...

Hey, edieraye! You probably don't remember me, but I met you a few times when D brought you to church. And, as I recall, you were, in fact, pretty cool. I looked through your blog and it's pretty cool too. Nice work.

Blogadelic said...

"Things that I think are cool:"


avgeek as my boss from 1992-1996


chucknorrisfacts.com (just the facts, not actually chuck norris himself) see my blog for some I came up with myself.

underdog cartoons (i picked up some underdog dvd's at a cracker barrel on the way to mexico--how weird is that)

stealing this idea for my blog and a larger list with the possibility of reoccurance!

rdouam which is my word verification code this time to prove i am not an adbot or am i!?