Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 3

This morning started out like the other mornings: me intending on getting up early and deciding that 8am was early enough. Amy went for her workout and I got ready and tidied up the room a bit (just a bit). Amy came back, got ready, and we headed out for the San Antonion Zoo.

The SA Zoo was nice. Not as immense as the Ft. Worth Zoo but well laid out and populated with the usual assortment of monkeys, birds, and grade school kids. We left around 11 and headed into town for lunch at Mi Tierra. The place was crowded and after a 20 minute wait, our table was ready. The last time I was here I tried cabrito, very tasty but a little more than I wanted this time. I settled for a beef enchilada dinner and Amy had something similar. We went to the Mexican Market Place, then to the Panaderia (bakery) loaded up, and headed home. Amy went up for another workout and I played lazy (I think you see a recurring theme here).

Around 6 we decided to head out for dinner on our last night. Since Barbecue, Burgers, and Mexican had already been done, I thought seafood was in order and Amy agreed. Joe's Crab Shack was just a short stroll away and we arrived, put our names on the list, and decided that a 45 min wait was a little more than we wanted. A further stroll down the River Walk showed us the Mad Dog Pub. 5 minutes later we were seated and ordered: Fish and Chips being the item recommended to us by the waitress. When our food arrived we were happy to find out that she was correct. The rest of the meal was spent people watching on the River Walk: something both fun and enlightening.

Back to the hotel and Batman is running on the telvision, thanks to Amy's Ipod.


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