Thursday, October 05, 2006

To forgive

I realize this is the third post in almost as many days, but I was perusing the news today and found this article on CNN's website regarding the recent shooting.

We often view the Amish and other similar communities as being backwards due to their refusal to keep step with current society. We view the plain clothes, the horse drawn buggies, and their old country demeanor as oddities, but the end of this article (Reaching Out)caught me off guard, although it should not have. I think they've retained something that modern society lost a long time ago: the ability to see the big picture. No press conferences, no lawsuits, no political grandstanding; just common compassion for your fellow man.

They will be in my prayers.

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-btc said...

Funny how people that are viewed by society in such low regard can show more humanity and compassion than said society.

I wish that we'd listen better.