Monday, October 02, 2006


Okay, it's bad enough that Mrs. Geek stuck the entire first Season DVDs of Prison Break in front of me one weekend when I was feeling especially competitive and thought I could knock out the complete season in one weekend (I did). It's also really bad that I actually liked the series and have begun recording it. It's even worse that I'm taking classes right now, and combine that with the fact that I have little time for much else in my schedule, I decided against my better judgement to watch the first episode of Heroes that my wife recorded last week. If you're not familiar, it's a very X-men esque show where normal people start developing abnormal powers. One man can slow down and speed up time; a high school cheerleader has amazing regenerative powers; a housewife apparently has a very violent alter ego; an artist can see the future; and yes, one man can fly. Subsequent episodes will reveal more characters, and yes, there already is a bad guy.

The show is not completely family friendly so be warned if you have impressionable kids. I am hooked nonetheless. Now what do I do? Maybe that time shifting guy can help me out.



edieraye said...

We thought the pilot was much too slow. Did give it a second try, watched the second episode last night, and still aren't hooked. Because of the subject matter we will probably continue to give it the benefit of the doubt but it better pick up soon.

Did you stay tuned for Studio 60?

AVGeek said...

Nope. Wife appears to be into it, but I've not given it a chance yet.

Ensign Eddie said...

I still have "Heroes" on the Tivos. I hope to get to them this weekend.

As for "Studio 60", I'm pretty hooked. I just wish Sorkin would give his Republican- and Christian-bashing a big rest. It's gotten real old.

-btc said...

I feel soooo left out. The kids keep us from having a healthy T.V. addiction. We're always jetting off to one or another functions. The only T.V. we get anymore is CSI and sometimes Numb3rs. Not like the good old days when I could camp in fromt of the tube and scarf down 5 hours a day. Thank God for Season DVDs.