Monday, April 24, 2006

A Good Thing

Hey folks, I hope things are going well for you. Paper 1 is done and papers 2-4 are working.

Dr. Jim Denison is Pastor of Teaching at Park Cities Baptist Church. In my line of work I've had the privelege of hearing him preach on numerous occasions and he grabs me like few others have. He is genuine, he is intelligent, and he is extraordinarily down to earth. I am also honored to say that he is friend of mine.

He has a broacast on KRLD 1080 AM called God Issues that runs mornings at 7:50 am. He also has a companion web site that follows the broadcasts and is well worth checking out.

He's currently doing a series on The DaVinci Code.



-btc said...

I am amazed that a secular station has anything with "God" associated with it presented for the public. With all of the noise people make anytime He is mentioned I am surprised that protests haven't forced his message off of the air.

I personally don't do the AM band any longer but am intrigued to hear what he has to say. I spend a majority of my radio time at 90.9 for the ministries.

I agree more is needed on the “Da Vinci Code” since our culture has such a big problem segregating fiction from non-fiction.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Ensign Eddie said...

Surprisingly, WBAP doesn't shy away from God either. The station ad they ran before Easter was very inspiring. They did it before Christmas as well.

AVGeek said...

The truth is indeed out there. Sometimes way out there.

Ensign Eddie said...

For anyone who truly believes "The Da Vinci Code" is real, I have a copy of the Declaration of Independence with a treasure map on the back....